Finals are over completely and I am burning the books I can’t sell and don’t need to return. So I am listening to triumphant musical songs and packing up for Christmas. I leave tomorrow. And so every time there is something coming up the next day I end up singing “One Day More” from Les Mis. It’s comical among my family. One Day More

So I am not supposed to have any luggage except carry on… yeah I don’t know how I am going to do that because I’m staying til New Years and I have to bring a ton of clothes. I won’t be bringing anything back, supposedly, so that’s good but I’m going to need to get crafty on how to fit a month’s worth of clothes into 2 small bags.

I’m just ready to set out for vacation before starting fresh with a new semester.



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Well it’s almost over and I can’t wait for Christmas. Because I get to go home. But before we close this box of semester cheer for good, let’s take a look at what this blog has accomplished in views and comments. Then I will mention what I got from this project which I must say I fully enjoyed.


In August I had 21 views with 10 posts
September spiked my views with 143 total and 35 different visitors. All with 10 posts.
October and November were almost identical twins with 50 and 52 views for the month. Wow!!

In my experience using this site, the most effective way to promote my blog was through tagging my posts. I used twitter a lot but it didn’t really bring people to my blog as much as adding tags did.

If I was to make improvements to my blog I would add more to some of the posts that I didn’t have enough time for and figured out how to fix the plug-ins. I really enjoyed writing this blog this semester and I may continue it past the time it needs to be graded. I usually blog in Tumblr but they’re so judgemental there if you are anything but a mixed liberal gay individual. So I can’t really put my words out there as easily as I can here.

Aside from the home page/ archives, in September the highest looked at post was “The Impact of a Book.” Which I must say I did have a lot of fun writing! I was just being honest and venting. I just love books so much and one of my big pet peeves is when people say they don’t like to read. It’s like, shut up, you sound ignorant. You don’t even know what to look for you need a book counselor.

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Christmas Thoughts

I enjoy everything about December. Putting up the tree, watching the Christmas specials, going to the mall and all that good stuff. I always put up the tree with my mom since my brother grew up and didn’t want to do it anymore. But I love decorating the house and watching old VHS tapes from my childhood.


We set up the stockings and the new wreath on the door. The front yard gets decorated and we set out all of the decorative Christmas things around the house. I will be excited to go back home to celebrate Christmas after my finals. I find comfort in this time of year, ever if I’m by myself just watching my videos.

A lot of the time it will just be my mom and I watching movies. Our family is a big movie family, no matter what time of year it is. But Christmas is very very special to my family because for so many years we weren’t around my grandparents for the holidays. But now my parents live near their parents and siblings, which makes the holidays better for everyone.

But I just can’t wait to go back home, even though I was just there yesterday haha. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, it can’t come soon enough!


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Victory and Chocolate Pie

The two of these actually go hand in hand if you can believe it. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Tell me about it in the comments, I wanna hear what your favorite pie was, who’s house you went to and what you watched. I went to one of my favorite aunt’s house, more like a mansion actually, and feasted with my mom’s side of the family. We had apple crumb, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, pecan pie and lots of other home made goodies to try. Needless to say, the chocolate pie my momma made was my favorite. I finally got down to watching “Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving” and “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” which I like to do every year.

charlie brown thanksgiving

But, to the victory! I successfully reached 50,000 words on November 27th this year! Whoo hoo!! Now, my book is far from finished, but the editorial months won’t be upon us until January and February so I can relax and not think about those infuriating portions that aren’t finished. So now I can relax in my chair and look at my happy little winner certificate. It was super exciting for me because I had never won before and technically I finished in 26 days because I didn’t write ANYTHING on the first day. So I consider that a pretty big success. I WOULD have finished on the 23rd had there not been so much late night travel. If it had been early in the mornin, okay I could have handled that. A little tea, some wake up word sprints but no it was in the afternoon. And I get my best work done in the afternoon if I set my mind to it but I was busy driving around making sure I had everything and that everything was locked up and all that good stuff.

But I did get some writing done in the airport during layover and waiting time. I’m impatient and didn’t know how security would go so I got to the airport three hours early. It took 2 minutes to get through security so I wasted some time near the gate which was like, not even 10 feet away from security.
Even having Gail Carriger’s Changeless with me time could not go fast enough. The plane ride was two hours, layaway another hour and then the last plane was an hour before an hour drive home. Ugh long days. But I was happy to be home in familiar territory. Even though some parts of driving home were like a big box of memories being dumped on me and I was like

internally screaming

Yeahhh Ohio is filled with crazies. But I got to see my family and my boyfriend almost every day I have been here so that is awesome. And, yesterday was the first time ever that I have attempted Black Friday shopping. EVER. That’s really big for me considering I’m competitive for parking spots and don’t take any nonsense on the road.  Which makes me a road rage lady because people in Ohio are idiots, I am so serious, and most cannot drive. Insult intended there.

Now all that’s left to do is get back to the apartments and wait for Christmas to start. I am unsure about finals as well. I’ve had four exams in all my classes so I’m wondering if they’re is going to be another final. Hopefully. I want those grades to go up as much as possible.

But back to writing. Did any of you start any projects this month or do NaNoWriMo? Did you pick up any good books? Tell me all about it, I want to know! And go check out my Nano page 🙂

Amy’s NaNoWriMo

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Day 23 – What?

Made a storify! Go look at it here! NaNo Storify

45,572 words and I feel like I’m out of juice. But I’m getting on a plane to go home for thanksgiving today so I will have plenty of writing time. Huzzah! Hopefully I will get all my plot holes filled in and get more character development in there. As I pointed out before, my main character has become a minor sub character. And I was just,

uhhh - Copy

Wait, huh, what? Oh!

Ummm okay that happened… but the main character and villain are great and complex and then everyone else is like backup singers in an opera- necessary but not in the foreground.

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The End! It Is Nigh!

So I made it to 40,000 words to day and I still have 5 hours until the word counter resets itself for another day! I feel like Tolkien killing off these characters, they were so loved and dastardly.

nano 2

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Day 18, The End Is In Sight

Ooooh WordPress got an upgrade! Go WordPress! But it is now Day 18 of NaNoWriMo and the word count should be on its way to speed past 30,000 by midnight tonight. I’m at  37,647 right now so maybe I can hit that 40K mark by midnight. It’s 11pm right now, let’s do this.

nano 3

Not even homework is an excuse to not participate

I mean I’m getting good grades and still participating. This month has felt like it’s lasted forever. Will it never end? It feels like the month will never ever ever end. But I’m sure that  it will sooner than I think.

Recently I have been doing a lot of wish writing and not actual writing. This means I’m wishing in my head the parts I want to write but not actually writing them down. I’m getting lazy and there’s only 12 days left to write this thing. I know it won’t be finished at 50,000 but it will have a huge portion of it sorted out and that will be a major triumph. Oh well… back to writing.

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