Acknowledge the Pages

That’s why they’re there. The acknowledgement page can be an small thanks to friends and family or a creative venue to talk about yourself and discuss your reasons for writing the book. There have been many interesting acknowledgment pages Here are some from my favorite books. 

The Night Circus


The Maximum Ride Series        The Parasol Protectorate                 The Wild Girls

wpid-20150829_173051.jpg  wpid-20150829_172625.jpg  wpid-20150829_172836.jpg

They can be acknowledging anything from the helpful people in the author’s life to the struggles and triumphs they had in the process of creating the book.


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2 Responses to Acknowledge the Pages

  1. I loved the Parasol Protectorate series, Alexa Tarabotti is a hilarious character even when she’s not trying to be. Soulless is definitely my favorite. I also like that you did a post to book acknowledgements, sometimes writers slip in jokes, spoilers, and a hint of their real lives in this often overlooked area of the book!

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  2. alc225 says:

    I know! I never used to look at them but sometimes they are so hilariously or nicely written, I have to look!


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