I know it’s a little bit early. But there is never any harm in early preperation. Especially for something that requires this much dedication.


Hey everyone! This is gonna be a writing rant post commenting on my experience with this awesome Internet based community event: NaNoWriMo.

The term NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. For the whole month of November, a community of people band together to inspire and build people up who have decided to take on the challenge of writing a novel in just one month. The word count goal is 50,000 words. How cool is that, right??? It’s all in good fun. The challenge with writing is always trying to come up with something no one has done before – it’s like inventing.

So my first NaNoWriMo did not go as smooth as I thought. What with school and family, writing my novel was important but I didn’t prioritize like I should have. But this year I am gonna try again and make sure I’m more organized with my thoughts. Something I remember helping a lot with collecting my thoughts and what not – coffee houses. I don’t even drink coffee… I’m a tea woman. But coffee houses are great for spending hours in at a time just reading or writing. Plus, there’s food there so you wouldn’t have to leave!


( Pic taken by me yesterday, I love Wake the Dead ♡ )

The best thing to do if you love to write, keep a journal. Or a tumblr. I am notorious for saying to keep a journal and not having one myself because I hate my shorthand. But really, keep one. It is so useful.

However, if you kind of don’t like writing that is okay too. You don’t have to keep a journal it’s just nice to have something where your thoughts are archived.


NaNoWriMo Site – Check It Out

What are your tips to help you with writing? Leave your comments below and go check out NANOWRIMO!


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