Tiny Rant

I spend so much time talking about reading that I never do it. I know that makes me a hypocrite but I’m a college student, I’m tired. And when I’m not talking about books I’m spending money on books. I am re-reading one of my favorites currently and I am also supposed to be working out. Which is good because I can read while I get on the treadmill but being somewhat of a perfectionist, I like keeping my books perfect,

IMG_20141123_152422so its been a journey for me to accept that my books WILL BE OK just because they have damp or bent pages….


Although it is sometimes painful to see.
I’m working on getting used to the idea of bending pages to mark your favorite spots and what not. I did that to my most recent addition to my list of favorites; the Night Circus. I should really spend my down time reading a lot more


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4 Responses to Tiny Rant

  1. ahb23 says:

    Omg I totally feel your pain! I love reading and when it comes to my books i hate folding or bending even opening the book to far! I have to remind myself some times that its just a book! HAH

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  2. zmr89 says:

    I am so much the same way! i obsessively buy books but never have enough time to read them during the school year. I have piles of books next to my bed that I’m just hoping one of these days ill get to. I also am a bit of a perfectionist and will re-buy a book if i mess up the pages or get water damage too bad just so i have a “pretty” copy. love your blog and cant wait to read more from you!


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