Elderly Perfection

I think I know what I want my career to be. I want to be an old, wise, person with an awesome library. I could be married, single, widowed, it wouldn’t matter. But I need an awesome career to make my dreams come true. And my dreams include keeping up a sense of style, having a career I love, at least most of the time, and having a kick ass library.

And if only one of these things come true I would be happy to be an ugly person working on math (which makes me cry) but I can’t live without my books. I need them. They are the life blood in my veins. I am sometimes tempted to buy massive beautiful bookshelves I don’t have room or money for. If I could line my walls with bookshelves that would be amazing.

However my room is already full of desk and beside table and too many knick knacks and art. The more I think about it the more I want to make my room like that. I would love to do interior design. That way I’d also know great places to get stuff for my place. Haha.

Here are some libraries in movies.

Mr. Forrester






And of course, Prince Adam aka the Beast’s library.


Which of course is the ideal. The ideal is the Beast’s massive, beautiful, and the STAIRCASES. THE STAIRCASES! The beauty never ceases to amaze.

Here is the trick with libraries. You can always expand or constrict them. You can always return to a memory you had with a book because they will never change. But you will never learn anything if you don’t go through your library and enjoy it. I know people that just buy books because they sound interesting and never get to reading them. I am sometimes guilty of that…. but not for long. I will soon get through all the books on my shelves.

{ If you’re looking for something to read } ~ Which Book To Read

I find that frustrating because I will try to read a favorite of mine and it will seem more childish than it was when I first read it. But at the same time it is easiest to remember why you loved the book in the first place. I loved the characters, I loved the challenges that were put before them and the twists and turns the plot took. Even though the book was written for young adults I can’t help but pick it up and read it again and again. Love it. It’s called Maximum Ride by James Patterson. The man has written several books for adults and young adults.

My newest favorite is something I will read repetitively after I finish my list. The Night Circus. My list keeps growing though, which is a problem. Little Women, Wind in the Willows, Coraline, etc.

But there are so many books out there I haven’t read yet. It’s some very exciting stuff. I want to spend my life in libraries all around the world. Where do you want to go? Where do you see yourself writing? Leave your comments below! Where do you like writing? What do you like writing?

Beautiful Libraries


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