NaNoWriMo Prep

It is almost October! Which means it’s almost November. NANOWRIMO 2015 IS COMING


Preparation is key. I for one am not prepared yet however. I talk a big writing game but I rarely write. I have a bunch of journals that remain unused because I find them too beautiful to write in and therefore I never use them. As for free writing in Microsoft Word I try to but I get so distracted by other things. That is why it is easiest to write your thoughts. The most important tool you have is your mind. Use your thoughts to get a pool of ideas on paper before you pick one up to develop.
When I start free writing, I listen to classical music to get my cognitive processes working. It helps open up my creativity and makes the writing much smoother. When you have the idea, cultivate it with knowledge and facts to keep it accurate. Even if it is a fantasy, do your research. What have people written before? What has been tweaked, remodeled, modernized? What angles have been written? What hasn’t? Use your original ideas from your brain storming to write something. It could be a flop or something that could turn into a great idea.

Maybe you’re more of a visual person. If that is the case, do some sketching of the world you want to write about. Concept art is a great way to get your story started. If you aren’t feeling the love from your story then sketching out what your thoughts are will help tremendously.

Concept art is the blood of a movie. It can also be the rock of a book. Drawing your characters and your setting can help you describe it better. You can look up the art of big movies. And while it is considered mostly a movie thing, concept art can really help you with your work.

Then maybe you won’t just be a reader, you’ll be a writer.


In the film Finding Forrester, Jamal keeps a journal and writes down his poetry, short stories etc. and he is always writing. He has talent and it is molded by a professional writer. When this happens he is frustrated but it also opens his eyes to what he is really capable of. Jamal is encouraged to reshape and define his writing style.

What are you capable of? Plan your next and maybe best writing assignment now. You can start by looking at the links below.

Keeping A Journal Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare for a Novel


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