Artistically Constipated

Recently I have heard the songs of a thousand mermaids calling out to me


and the tunes of a hundred dryads on flutes.


I have heard the operatic lulls of dragons snoring in the mountains and elves harmonize together while doing their work.

They are all saying one thing to me as a collective force…


Yeah. Yeah I know. All I do is talk about books. And I don’t even have time to read the darn things.

But back to the art. I haven’t done anything artistic in about a year and a half. There’s nothing productive going on that I can see or interpret or channel onto some form of art at the moment. So I have been sulking on YouTube watching hair and makeup videos. Soon I’ll have purple ringlets and the perfect cat eye but I digress. I should be carving bookshelves or painting mountain-scapes from Colorado, not watching American Dad on Netflix after school.

Good Ideas are always around but sometimes there’s limited time and funds

The things I have been doodling have been mediocre and good enough for a napkin sketch at best. But I need to get back to canvas and skateboard painting. Not nail art. So I am going to take advantage of October the best way I can. I’m going to try to draw something worth keeping every day this month. Oh boy. That is a scary thought worth Halloween. Mwahhahahahaa!


I have 3 day weekends every week so I should spend some of them doing something creative. While I’d love to do sculpture it’s expensive and I don’t have room for that kind of thing anymore. So one thing I could do would be to sell small caricatures in the quad like they do in carnivals and whatnot. While that is a small thing it is somewhat creative.

I guess the best idea would be to start with a plan. My DeviantArt account lacks color and submissions so maybe some fan art is in order. No scanner of course so I’ll have to use my tablet. *shudders in fear* I need more practice of course, so now is better than never. I’m sure someone great said that but not in that particular way.

As much as I would love to get back into art again, I really need to find my muse. and I think its going to take more than trips to a coffee shop and yoga. Someone once said that its good to have a journal with you all the time to write down and doodle out your thoughts. My problem though is wanting a pretty journal. And as soon as I find a lovely journal, I never want to write in it! Why would I waste this money? I guess I’m just hoping that my handwriting gets as good as my typing skills and my journals will be filled with nonsense. It doesn’t matter to me what is written in the journal but it helps not to laugh so hard when my handwriting doesn’t look like a 5th grader writing with the wrong hand.

Interested in keeping a journal? Its a great way to catalog your thoughts, especially when there’s no WIFI!

At Least Go Take A Look


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