Ai No! No Tome Mis Libros!

Back at my parents’ house in Ohio, I did not have a bookshelf. My brother had a bookshelf that almost scraped the ceiling and a desk that also made its way to the rafters. He always has it filled with books. Organized perfectly. And his desk compartments held even more books, laid on their sides for easy access. Even his headboard had a space for yet even more of his books, 6 feet board to board stuffed with boundless knowledge. The last real bookshelf I remember owning as my own was when I was 8. It was one of those 90’s white painted wood cases with just 2 or 3 shelves and the height of your knee. I didn’t really see the need for a big case myself until later on when my collection started growing.


In my room the closest thing I have to a bookshelf is a snall wooden side table on wheels with glass doors and magnet door clasps. NOT A BOOKSHELF. Needless to say I do not have the room for books in my room there. And my mother gently suggests to have me get rid of some of the old ones so I can get new ones. But of course, with my dramatic flair I denied any further discussion about it. “Ai no mama! ¿Por qué tirar mis libros? Why would you do that? I need my books. Just like you need your Netflix and your Bible. Which I do as well but… mis libros! Mis bebes! Por qué?” ( What a doofus I was)


Give up my books….  hah! I’d just as soon give up air. Or food. Or showering. NEVER!

But I would be willing to trade one un-loved book for another. Or exchange a book I no longer cared for to gain a new one. There are exceptions to every rule after all.
Trade One Book For Another

But now I am happy to say that I have very cool and unique furniture pieces to hold my books. And while I’m sure there were many many opportunities to ASK my parents for a bookshelf, I cannot fathom what possessed me not to ask. Madness, probably. Or all those copies of Alice in Wonderland…. that could be it.



My humble little library. It’s not much to look at but it is very precious to me and I plan to expand it as carefully and intelligently as possible. One can’t simply fill their room with books they KNOW they’ll never read. There must be an interest in the content for you to own the thing in the first place. If I wanted to expand my library but just went and bought a ton of romance novels, multicultural dictionaries and books on math where would I be? Somewhere between the crossroads of bored and confused. But by filling my library with fantasy, thrillers, historical fiction, creative ficiton, psychology, poetry and art, I will never be bored or alone.


If only bookstores weren’t going out of business. Someone will have to bring them back you know. Someday, when they’re all dead and gone, and all there is left are online versions of things and no one knows what old libraries smell like or how it feels to crack open a paperback for the first time. What about old books. Rough hard covers, crinkled old pages, musty, worn leather from sitting so long in one position open on a table from when the reader decided they needed to go to bed and never picked the book up for another month or so.

We actually started talking about books in my other communications class and I was enthralled. I was do excited I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there in the first row. What a wonderful world. And I was not as discouraged as I thought I would be by the lecture. The statistics against bookstores were brutal but against actual books, they were not. While we are still just going through the history of mass media it’s still nice to have a chapter about something close to my heart. It’s always good to hear the opinions of others to get a wider perspective on things, especially when it’s a topic you love. We had the opportunity to list our favorite books today during one part of the lecture. And while I was quite proud of the majority of the students that spoke up, I still have my reservations about books written after the tv shows have aired. A lot of the books I had heard of or read myself which was pleasant, though I wish more people would have taken part in sharing their favorite tale.

This weekend I’m going to try and keep the television off. I am guilty of not practicing what I preach so I am going to read and draw and write this weekend. That sounds so easy, I know. Just 3 days? Well maybe I’ll try to get through the whole week. Just me, green tea, some classical, some classics, and the gym. Sounds like a life worth living.

But now I must find out what happens to Alexia. Because I am a geeky fool for thinking I can stay away from Gail Carriger’s wonderful world for very long.

Enter Her Domain Here


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