Unfinished Business

Somewhere there is a question that asks something along the lines of, “If it was impossible to fail, what would you accomplish?”


I think of that very often. When I was younger my mother did everything for me. Drawing leasons, acting lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, ballet class, painting class, everything creative we could get our hands on. And I ended up staying interested in only a few of those things permenantly. That was unfortunate, considering how I would love to play guitar, piano and violin.

All of those skills take years and years to master and small fortunes to acquire a teacher. I remember trying to teach myself to play, which got me a little ways but eventually I got discouraged. I might pick up those instruments again if given the chance. I have been trying to teach myself ballet again as well.


But back to the original statement, the only thing making me fail was my bad attitude and still today, my “I can’t” attitude is holding me back from a lot of things, including being a master studier. But with the idea that I cannot fail, I will try these things again.

I am not a failure because I have not continued to do many of these activities and I am not a master at the few I have practiced in my life time. But I do think there is an important lesson to be learned about fulfilling a desire or a want to its greatest potential possible. If I had continued guitar and piano, I would consider myself accomplished in the art of music. If I had continued ballet, jazz and tap dance, I would consider myself a dancer. Sometimes the problem would be that we would move and I could not continue whatever instruction I was taking at that institution. But that may have been the reason as to why I decided to pick up so many interests in the first place. As far as defining myself and my dream career at a young age, I knew I wanted to do something creative. Whether it was a paint or write or be a musician. But I stuck with art because it continued to show up in my life with rewarding opportunities in the form of school grades. So now I’m an artist, but I could have been so much more. Of I’d had the courage to not let myself fail.


Here’s a great story about not holding back on your dreams and not being discouraged no matter what any teacher or person of authority can say

Dream Paper


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