8 Rainy Days

It was a gloomy, rainy day today, which was fitting for this writer’s block fix program to begin. There are always great prompts concerning rainy days. You could start a fantasy story where someone finds a room while cleaning their new house in a thunderstorm, or someone gets picked up by a lone care on a desolate road in the middle of a rainy night.Or a classic mystery where a group of people are sent invites to a big mansion and a thunderstorm forces them to stay there for the whole night *lightning crashes* All of those could be great story starters. Even a light shower while walking down the streets of New York City could start a romance. This gives me an idea. I am going to take the next 8 days and write 8 short stories that start with similar sentences about the rain and all end in cliffhangers. Mwahahahahha! That will definitely get me in the spirit of writing. Since they’re little projects it wont be a big hassle. In other news, I don’t know where the time went but October is almost at it’s end.

tumblr_inline_mlw2q1dXfJ1qz4rgpThat being said, the scariest part of the year is upon us, Post Halloween. Oooooooohhhh. That mean NaNoWriMo begins! One novel, thirty days, fifty thousand words. Can we do it?

dun dun dunnnnI for one, am still not prepared. Maybe I will write 50,000 words of nonsense and make it just a bunch of poetry. The last attempt at an actual fiction novel was 2 years ago but I doubt I will be able to write this year. I don’t even read. I tell myself to do it but I never do. Shame on me indeed. Trying to write everyday is a difficult task and having something to write about is even worse. That’s why you need an area free of distractions. And that is why some genius invented journals. But for the people like me who can’t stop myself from getting on the Internet to “find inspiration” and don’t trust themselves with access to the internet, there are distraction free sites.

Writer from Big Huge Labs

Inkle-The Interactive Story

These are two interesting tools for some distraction free writing. What kind of writing do you think would inspire you to get back in the game? A bibliography excerpt, a small fiction, scene from a play, anything? What do you have to say? Do you have a sad story, or a mystery on your hands to let out? Who’s story needs to be told? Is it yours? Your grandfather’s? Your alter ego’s? What story is it?

Could you challenge yourself to write small pieces every day to get into the habit of writing? Even if its the same genre, or always different you can do anything with it. Write about your pets, your favorite family member, your favorite high school class. What get’s you through every day? What makes you happy, nervous,

Write what you want, what you need to or what you think you should. Even if it’s just about your day or your dreams. If you can’t think of a good enough prompt then look up one. Remember, you aren’t publishing, just practicing.



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