Post Flood Video Recording

As required, I have made a video regarding books for my class assignment. But it was fun to make, so I made another one of my adventure to Hasting’s today to the song “Gone Gone” by Phillip Philips.

NaNoWriMo Video                                          Books

Unfortunately when I went to the store, the series I was looking for was not on sale, but maybe half priced books will have them. They’re $16.00 each and I was not too eager to buy them without checking for cheaper options elsewhere first.wpid-20151025_173134.jpg However, the other 4 books were on clearance so I snatched them for my own. Yay! I swear I have only left Hasting’s empty handed once. I wish the Harry Potter books weren’t so darn expensive. I think I took the first one from somebody that didn’t want it and had a hand me down copy from another person because it has kid writing all over the beautiful cover. When there is a sale of all 7 books for $30 I will actually consider buying them. As for the ones I purchased today; I always read a few pages of the beginning before buying a book to see if it’s worth the money. The ones I found this afternoon should be a fun read. For example, I’ve been looking for books like “The Night Circus”night circus because I just love it so so much. They listed “The Magicians” and “Water for Elephants” but not all of them were on sale so I had to settle just for “Water For Elephants”. Still excited for when that trilogy is on sale though. So, I was scared because there was some flood warning hype and I was so anxious about it that I threw my books into a storage tub and took them with me overnight to my aunt’s house. That being said, it’s really really heavy and I still like to organize. Yay! That means my library is growing and I haven’t lost a big part of my personality.

So I got to shoot a video outside, that was fun.

It wasn’t an ideal recording light or microphone but I worked with it. I made another video called “Book Talk” and it was about Alice in Wonderland” appreciation. I’ll probably make another one just talking about my library because I love doing that. Books are the greatest possession I have. While I enjoy my posters and knick knacks, my books are most important. I can watch my movies online or on Netflix, but my books, no, I need em.

wpid-20151025_193923.jpg wpid-20151025_193918.jpg wpid-20151025_193941.jpg wpid-20151025_193947.jpg


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