Enthrallment Rant: Maximum Ride

Alert! This post is full of memories and opinions. You should proceed at your own risk

james patterson

This man is responsible for my group of best friends in middle school. That’s right, James Patterson you wonderful man, your books kept me going. Max and the gang are still very close to my heart. While I had the series listed in younger favorites section, there was an event that sparked this second enthrallment rant. James Patterson has been an enormous success in the writing field for a number of years. He has written for both adults and teens and needless to say is incredibly talented. You can find his website here : Le Website

But back to the Maximum Ride series. I cannot tell you how much I love these characters. They are so near and dear to my heart, sometimes I even feel like I am one of the gang myself when I read his books. But okay, here is where my craziness comes in.

So when I was doing my weekly Hasting’s run, where I recorded that video for the post from this weekend, I noticed a “Maximum Ride” novel on the new arrivals shelf in the teen section. And I thought, “Huh, that’s funny, the series is over.” And walked away very nonchalantly. Most of the covers look the same, and there are different versions of the covers you see, so I thought I already owned this book. Little did I know the desire I would soon have for that exact book.

I took all my books back to my apartment and started organizing them again. I thought nothing of it until I went again to Hasting’s to ask about my job application and they said they hadn’t seen it. But when I went to the fiction section again, there it was, that James Patterson book by the name of “Maximum Ride Forever,” which I had seen before. My curiosity was peaked so I checked the list of books on google. I saw the 8 that I owned. Including his 2 hard cover stories extending the series. “Angel” and “Nevermore”


I was home by this time and counted my books, 8 in all and looked at the “new” book’s publication date. The others had been written in the early 2000’s, but this was had no sub-author, the date was 2015, and it said, the 9th and final book in the Maximum Ride series. You can imagine my haste to get to the store and purchase a copy. I zoomed out so excited that I missed 2 highway exits and had to turn around twice before I got there. When I did get there I could not find it in the young adult section. My heart sank. Luckily for me, after asking an employee, I discovered the “Teen” section of the store and she grabbed the only copy for me. Mwahahahahha! So after I read Parasol Protectorate I’m going to re-read the Max Ride series. I think its been almost 8 years since I read them. WOW. I should do that.

I am also going to, at some point, get the manga version of the series. That is how much I love it. They are very well done and I love the character design. Not exactly what I had in mind when I read the novels, but still awesome.


And I’m not going to tell you about the books. I’m gonna let James do that. While he doesn’t talk about the series as a whole, he does talk individually about books. Here is his youtube page: James Patterson Youtube

Go check it out, it is a great series about adventure, loyalty, friendship, a lil romance, family and it has some science in there too!


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