From Despair to Desperation

NaNoWriMo. Egads. The horror. 265 useless words. I had given up.




Just when all hope seemed to have been thrown across the floor like a broken pearl necklace, I found it. An idea. Like a Frankenstein zolt of electricity the idea sparked to life.

I had come up the conclusion yesterday that after all my rambling there was no way I was going to be able to come up with a tangible idea for a story. I looked at my favorite books and examined their elements. I glanced at the classics, and even looked at previous works that won before. Nothing. I had done no planning, no trial and error. There was nothing to be done. So this morning, getting ready for class I looked fondly at my favorite books and patted them gently in playful jealousy.


“Books and Circuses.” I chuckled. “That’s what’s good to me.” And then the spark came. Sure it was a little Inkheart and a little Night Circus and a little Mary Poppins magic bag. And dare I say it, a little, tint of The Pagemaster. But it was a plan. A plan that even if someone had come up with a patent, or made a movie out of it, I could tweak to make my own.

Maybe I could even make it a little bit Freedom Writers and Finding Forrester. Adding some writers in there would give it 2 perspectives. As this idea is developing it’s like engineering in my head. The math of it is like functions.
Let’s say
2X + E √ó 2B + 10C = 100P/ 1A
2 main characters plus their new environment multiplied by their different backgrounds plus 10 other characters or more is equal to 100 possible outcomes divided by one author. Me.

So maybe it isn’t as completely hopeless as I thought. I can get the mechanics down easily and build up from the meaty scenes that I can write that are fun to write. Like scene descriptions, important dialogue and the like. The hard part of writing is fitting all the pieces together and getting everything to fit together and work. You can’t scene jump without purpose it just won’t work. Scene jumps are perfectly logical if they are in order.

I’m hyped on a monster energy drink and made a bubble organizer in class. This book may actually come together. If I can write 4-5 thousand words today I’m back in the game. I’ll head to Wake the Dead once I talk to my apartment manager. I seriously need some food in me I don’t know what possesses me to leave the apartment without food. I’m a psycho hypoglycemic. But right now I’m running on sugar and a headache so whatever works. I scribbled this out in class… at least it’s something to work with.


I also just won an argument about psychedelic drugs and Alice in Wonderland against Kyle, a druggie used to be friend of mine who is a complete ass. And he knows it. Ugh


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One Response to From Despair to Desperation

  1. ckexodus says:

    Seems like a logical equation! Good luck. And eat some brain food, quick. I really struggle with plot and depth. Although the motifs, recurring themes and messages I want to convey are there in my head, forever morphing and flourishing as my everyday perspective on life changes. I just struggle to craft mouths to speak them and plot lines to carry them…

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