My Inner Editor

writing-from-the-heartGet out of there you… you monster. I told myself I was going to have 10,000 words by the end of today and my heaven I am determined but my inner editor is just sitting there nagging by my ear like, “So…..watcha gonna say next? Do you even have any more ideas? What about that part, it’s really iffy. Oh man that character is so dull. How are you going to beef up this plot? What even is your conflict? Can I be your conflict? By saying you don’t have any conflict? How about we take this ENTIRE section out. You don’t need at that scenery description…WAIT why did you take that part out about them staring at that blade of grass and having them do no productive thinking at all? THAT WAS GOOD STUFF!” Let’s just say we have conflicting opinions

And I am just so frustrated like, UGHHH

writing is hard - Copy giphy-facebook_s - Copy chug wine - Copy type type type - Copy because ive lost control of my life - Copy screaming - Copy

Basically that has been the order or events every day….

This feels impossible.  By the time this even gets close to 50,000 words it will be a jumbled freaky mess. Turning off the inner editor is damn near impossible. My attention span just won’t let me do it. I’m going to try writing in other places to see if that works, and have a little tea to get me going. I probably won’t get very far tonight because I keep looking up pictures about writer’s block and killing your inner editor. Which is, just like everything else, a distraction. What I really need is something that will keep me motivated and focused on my goals. I’m trying to stay 2,000-5,000 words ahead of the game if possible this year. And I might actually do it if I lock myself in my room this weekend, as unhealthy as that may be considered. It will be my “mini writer’s retreat”. But in the mean time, here are some steps that may help you the next time you need to turn off your inner editor.

  1. Don’t think about what you’re writing. Just do it. The first trick of wrtiting is to get the words down even if they are incoherent or don’t make any sense. It’s a first draft, nothing has to be perfect.
  2. Time yourself. Give yourself little 20 minutes speed writing periods where you write as much as you can and if at the end of that time you still HAVE to check over it, take 5 minutes to do so then speed write for 30 minutes and so on. If you don’t find the impulse to edit, then don’t! Keep going!
  3. Keep snacks near by. It’s never easy to write with a headache and an empty stomach. Be nomming on something while you write.
  4. Lock up all distractions. Get somewhere you’re inspired and don’t have access to anything from home but your writing materials, like a park or a library. This can help tremendously.

What do you think will help me tame my inner editor? What do you think I should do to up my word count to 50 thou? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below! And as always, happy writing!!


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