Writing Garbage

Writer’s Block Instant Cure

This video is pretty brilliant. Telling you how to turn down your writer’s block until you need it. Which is brilliant.

It basically says that you are allowed to give yourself permission to write garbage until you absolutely have to edit it later. Don’t even think about editing it until you are completely done writing. For example, right now, I am not even checking to see if I am typing coherent words onto this page; I am just type type typing away and I will edit it before I publish it onto my page.

type type type - Copy

It is amazing how much faster you can go if you just allow yourself to write, with no bullshit editing. It’s actually pretty damn wonderful. I just misspelled wonderful, I can tell because I miss a letter, and I don’t even care because I am going to fix it later.

Another great speech on writing without bullshit is from Finding Forrester. How To Write William teaches Jamal that the key to writing the first draft is not to think, but to let the words pour out of you. It’s an editor’s job to scratch out your incorrect grammar and fragmented sentences. Its your job to spill out your guts onto the page. GO WRITE

I’m going to see how this works while writing tonight. The goal is between 15,000 and 20,000. Wish me luck!!!

UPDATE: I did not make it to 15,000. More like 14,019. Close enough.


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