Let’s Talk About NaNoWriMo – Slideshow Included!

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Does anyone like circuses? Because that’s kind of what this dumb ass book I’m writing is about. ( it’s actually the ENTIRE SETTING PREMISE AND THEME…but whatever)

I know I have a high word count, higher than it needs to be. which is good, I’m ahead of the game. That will really come in hand when I accidentally miss a day or something. (But why does my birthday have to be this month? We should just skip that shit. Unfortunately, there is a collection of people who know when my birthday is. Which is a total bust.)

All of the excuses I could list would be enough to help me win NaNoWriMo this year. I didn’t even write the first day, convincing myself that I shouldn’t do it this year. And yet, here I am… day 7. But here is the goal of the community if you still do not know ; Anyone that makes it to 50,000 words before the end of the month can be a winner, which makes it a more realistic goal and not too intense of a competition. That being said, it is still an anxiety ridden and stressful process. But at the same time it horribly wonderful! I have not been updating as often as usual because of this event. I have been typing away and making tiny update posts as I go, instead of big wonderful thought provoking ones.

My NaNoWriMo can be found here: Thorn Angel Books Now, if you want a reason for the user name, that’s another good story that I’m saving for my memoir. Another thing, the reason my posts have been so short is BECAUSE of NaNoWriMo and exams. I actually should be writing right now, I haven’t written a single word yet today and it’s 2pm! And I have been trying to do research of the time period setting and what not. I have even gone to my favorite book, also about circuses, of course, and desperatley tried to spark some motivation. But alas. THEN out of the corner of my eye, this happened earlier today, I noticed that Erin Morgenstern’s story takes place in the mid- 1800’s, while mine takes place in the 1950’s, and her dialogue is MUCH MORE MODERN THAN MINE! WHAT?!

uhhh - Copy

And my story has a TON of book references in it. So, I was looking at books published before a certain date, to make sure I didn’t add one that was written after my characters were supposedly old or dead, and saw that while my story takes place in 1957, DISNEY’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND HAD COME OUT IN THEATRES! And that just was a huge knock on the head as well. When you realize that your favorite movie had already been put in theaters during the course of your novel so its perfectly probable for your characters to have seen it…My characters aren’t as old as I thought they were…. Like… Jeez. This is some psycho weirdness. I always think of Disney being like,only associated with a younger time but like, my story takes place in 1957. And Snow White came out in the 30’s. Lord.

So maybe, since I’m way ahead of the suggested word count, I can work on doing a book outline, since my “supposed villain” recently slapped me right in the face during a speed write I had the other day. Just, out of nowhere, BAM, Villain.


And I was like, wait, YOU? YOU”RE THE VILLAIN? But you are supposed to be a minor character you sloppy boring thing!!!! Ugh whatever, I’ll let it slide til I get an editor. Another SURPRISE I was not prepared for at all was that my secondary character, who I planned to be the sidekick type is now more developed than my “main” character. Taking the field like a dominant psycho she is. But… what? Especially when my character is asexual but she really loves her best friend and this guy who likes her is a total moron. How can I make her more asexual without spelling it out? The answer is so far unclear.

These characters are taking on personalities of their own.

The only one going as planned is the fortune teller, and she is based on a combination of two people’s personalities that I know. So, what is even happening? No one knows. As of right now I’m also not supposed to do any editing, that’s for editors to do. Not writers. UGH. But I will find times where I will be writing something and out of the blue my brain tells my hands to just go with it and my heart is like wait, no, stop, what are you doing? This will create massive plot holes and confusing! People will hate this! And then my brain, thinking it is clever in it’s panicked ticking 30 day time bomb state will reply, “It may be confusing right now you tender muscle, but what we are going for is…”

unacceptable - Copy

I’ll get to that here pretty soon. In the meantime, here is an accurate song that one devoted writer created for the occasion. She has participated since 2006, and all of her novels have surpassed 50,000 words! Amazing. I haven’t won yet because I’m a terrible procrastinator, but this girl really has her stuff together.


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