Happy Book-Day to Me

So I had a very productive birthday 0f avoiding saying it was my birthday like the plague. And I went book hunting, one of my favorite things. I got a hold of the LOTR trilogy, some Roald Dahl books and a few cool encyclopedias. I was very excited and had a decent day. Spending my time wandering around book stores is one of my most enjoyed pass times. I don’t have as much fun just lazing around watching Netflix or making food. Being around all the wonderful stories and awesome knick knacks I can add to my library makes me happier than anything.

my favorite thingsI turned 21 and I had my first public drink during my birthday dinner and I was just very skeptical. When the woman asked me what I wanted to drink I was a little nervous, thinking she was going to be able to tell this was my first drink in public by myself. So in my head I was like, Okay just act natural, but then I looked at my fruity selection of a drink and looked up at her like,

my 21st birthdat

But everything went just fine, she was really professional and I had successfully ordered my first alcoholic beverage without a hitch. So when the woman came to give me my drink and it looked like a smoothie and I was a little worried if I was going to like it. It was delicious. However, NaNoWriMo is not going very well. I have run out of juice. I don’t know what to do to get my brain sparked back to life. There has to be something I haven’t written for these characters, something that needs to be said to help the story move along, but what?

I have characters, semi developed ones anyhow, and setting. My plot could use some work and the character backgrounds could be better formed but other than that I just feel super stuck. I haven’t written in two days, I’m starting to get behind! I am super super behind I can’t even begin to talk about it. I stopped this post mid-way so that I could keep writing my book. I’ve neglected a lot of things to get to my current word count, but homework and showering won’t be on that list. Laundry? Maybe. Dishes? Probably. But at some points during the process I do take a break and clean my apartment area every once in awhile til its spotless and go back to writing. Regardless, I am determined to win this year and nothing is going to stop me! Not even weekly philosophical writing assignments for my Online Philosophy class! The reading material is always such a huge section. It’s almost ridiculous how big the section is. I mean, I love to read and I do find the information interesting and will probably be useful in some way in the future, but this can’t keep my attention for more than 5 minutes.Which I always do, and have been getting good grades on. Yay me!


The writing is going as all writing goes, bit by bit. I always try to do outlines for these things but can only end up with a beginning and an end. The middle just kind of explodes. Like two halves of a cell trying to build mass between them to create a bigger, more functional cell. Look, I can do science! Kinda.


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