Day 18, The End Is In Sight

Ooooh WordPress got an upgrade! Go WordPress! But it is now Day 18 of NaNoWriMo and the word count should be on its way to speed past 30,000 by midnight tonight. I’m at  37,647 right now so maybe I can hit that 40K mark by midnight. It’s 11pm right now, let’s do this.

nano 3

Not even homework is an excuse to not participate

I mean I’m getting good grades and still participating. This month has felt like it’s lasted forever. Will it never end? It feels like the month will never ever ever end. But I’m sure that  it will sooner than I think.

Recently I have been doing a lot of wish writing and not actual writing. This means I’m wishing in my head the parts I want to write but not actually writing them down. I’m getting lazy and there’s only 12 days left to write this thing. I know it won’t be finished at 50,000 but it will have a huge portion of it sorted out and that will be a major triumph. Oh well… back to writing.


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