Christmas Thoughts

I enjoy everything about December. Putting up the tree, watching the Christmas specials, going to the mall and all that good stuff. I always put up the tree with my mom since my brother grew up and didn’t want to do it anymore. But I love decorating the house and watching old VHS tapes from my childhood.


We set up the stockings and the new wreath on the door. The front yard gets decorated and we set out all of the decorative Christmas things around the house. I will be excited to go back home to celebrate Christmas after my finals. I find comfort in this time of year, ever if I’m by myself just watching my videos.

A lot of the time it will just be my mom and I watching movies. Our family is a big movie family, no matter what time of year it is. But Christmas is very very special to my family because for so many years we weren’t around my grandparents for the holidays. But now my parents live near their parents and siblings, which makes the holidays better for everyone.

But I just can’t wait to go back home, even though I was just there yesterday haha. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, it can’t come soon enough!



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