Well it’s almost over and I can’t wait for Christmas. Because I get to go home. But before we close this box of semester cheer for good, let’s take a look at what this blog has accomplished in views and comments. Then I will mention what I got from this project which I must say I fully enjoyed.


In August I had 21 views with 10 posts
September spiked my views with 143 total and 35 different visitors. All with 10 posts.
October and November were almost identical twins with 50 and 52 views for the month. Wow!!

In my experience using this site, the most effective way to promote my blog was through tagging my posts. I used twitter a lot but it didn’t really bring people to my blog as much as adding tags did.

If I was to make improvements to my blog I would add more to some of the posts that I didn’t have enough time for and figured out how to fix the plug-ins. I really enjoyed writing this blog this semester and I may continue it past the time it needs to be graded. I usually blog in Tumblr but they’re so judgemental there if you are anything but a mixed liberal gay individual. So I can’t really put my words out there as easily as I can here.

Aside from the home page/ archives, in September the highest looked at post was “The Impact of a Book.” Which I must say I did have a lot of fun writing! I was just being honest and venting. I just love books so much and one of my big pet peeves is when people say they don’t like to read. It’s like, shut up, you sound ignorant. You don’t even know what to look for you need a book counselor.


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