Well, Hello Hello.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. –Neil Gaiman

I believe this to be very true. Books are gateways to different worlds, unfathomable amounts of knowledge, and some of the greatest weapons you will encounter in our world. I mean, I’m not saying if someone came up to you with an AK47 you would be able to fight them with just a book, but you get the idea. Words are power. And power is what the world turns and thrives on. The people that run this world would be nothing if they didn’t know how to speak, how to wield their words like swords and take control of the opinions of the people. Your mind is a weapon and you must keep it sharp. You can do that through reading. You can fulfill and create dreams through reading. And they are the dreams of the authors that came up with the stories before they were ever published. Books are timeless. Some are published repeatedly for centuries because of their content and powerful messages. This can be said for many stories you were probably asked to read as a young adult; Moby Dick, The Raven, the works of Shakespeare, Oliver Twist, etc. And some are great mysteries, never mentioned, propped up on a shelf somewhere waiting for you to love them.

Here’s my site on Tumblr. A picture says a thousand words. That makes me an author, right? http://scribblingsfromadreamer.tumblr.com/


If you wanna see what I’m all about on here, check out my Topics Of Passion


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