The Daily Habits of Bibliophiles: Observations

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Happy Book-Day to Me

So I had a very productive birthday 0f avoiding saying it was my birthday like the plague. And I went book hunting, one of my favorite things. I got a hold of the LOTR trilogy, some Roald Dahl books and a few cool encyclopedias. I was very excited and had a decent day. Spending my time wandering around book stores is one of my most enjoyed pass times. I don’t have as much fun just lazing around watching Netflix or making food. Being around all the wonderful stories and awesome knick knacks I can add to my library makes me happier than anything.

my favorite thingsI turned 21 and I had my first public drink during my birthday dinner and I was just very skeptical. When the woman asked me what I wanted to drink I was a little nervous, thinking she was going to be able to tell this was my first drink in public by myself. So in my head I was like, Okay just act natural, but then I looked at my fruity selection of a drink and looked up at her like,

my 21st birthdat

But everything went just fine, she was really professional and I had successfully ordered my first alcoholic beverage without a hitch. So when the woman came to give me my drink and it looked like a smoothie and I was a little worried if I was going to like it. It was delicious. However, NaNoWriMo is not going very well. I have run out of juice. I don’t know what to do to get my brain sparked back to life. There has to be something I haven’t written for these characters, something that needs to be said to help the story move along, but what?

I have characters, semi developed ones anyhow, and setting. My plot could use some work and the character backgrounds could be better formed but other than that I just feel super stuck. I haven’t written in two days, I’m starting to get behind! I am super super behind I can’t even begin to talk about it. I stopped this post mid-way so that I could keep writing my book. I’ve neglected a lot of things to get to my current word count, but homework and showering won’t be on that list. Laundry? Maybe. Dishes? Probably. But at some points during the process I do take a break and clean my apartment area every once in awhile til its spotless and go back to writing. Regardless, I am determined to win this year and nothing is going to stop me! Not even weekly philosophical writing assignments for my Online Philosophy class! The reading material is always such a huge section. It’s almost ridiculous how big the section is. I mean, I love to read and I do find the information interesting and will probably be useful in some way in the future, but this can’t keep my attention for more than 5 minutes.Which I always do, and have been getting good grades on. Yay me!


The writing is going as all writing goes, bit by bit. I always try to do outlines for these things but can only end up with a beginning and an end. The middle just kind of explodes. Like two halves of a cell trying to build mass between them to create a bigger, more functional cell. Look, I can do science! Kinda.

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How Not To Give Up

It’s day 10 of November, I’m sitting in my favorite lecture class typing this, Oopsie, and I just read the NaNoWriMo pep talk for today. She starts out with talking about how she had re-written the pep talk many times before she felt secure will publishing it for thousands of hopeful writers to see. She talked about the two types of writers you typically see in November, Planners and Pantsers. I am a confirmed pantser even though I try to be a planner. Planners are pretty easy to figure out the definition to, they plan out every detail of the novel so when November comes they can just spew out all the words. Pantsers just go with an idea, fragments of a plan and let their story flow. Personally, I had a novel in my head for years, tried to write it in 2010.

part of a plan

and it just was a freaking mess because I tried to plan but I didn’t do it enough and I got bored. So I found out that Pansting my novel, letting my characters speak from inside the story, has worked wonders on my writing skills. Its great. What could be considered my “writing career” has been a bunch of poetry and short stories about fairies trees and flowers. ( The good old days when you just need a line on each page and an illustration. ) But now I’ve advanced past Haikus and tried writing big ol’ novels.

But back to the talks we get during NaNoWriMo. Each of the pep-talk writers use their own personal experiences to inspire others, and I got my daily dose of inspiration to remember….not to edit. No no.

nano 2I try so hard NOT TO EDIT. Editing is a big no no in November. I will edit my novel to bits over Christmas break and beyond but for now its about the words. My characters could be speaking in a 4th form of English with a 3rd layer of 20th century gooble-gosh to sort through but as long as I get it down now and know what I am saying, I can fix it later. I always forget that. But as of tomorrow I will be able to spend my three day weekends writing with a little bit of incentive. Legal incentive mind you.

martinis - Copy chug wine - Copy i need scotch - Copy

That’s right, tomorrow is my 21st birthday. Having it be in the middle of the week, and only having online classes, I can write my book in the DMV with an overweight stressful smile on my face. Just like when I first got here. My ankle got over being sprained finally but on its own, I didn’t get a brace like I should have so it is still weak. That means I was out of the gym for weeks and the pounds have piled on from my sick hibernation state.

But no more! Sick or No! NaNoWriMo or No! I will take my laptop and write on the treadmill! ( I have and I’ll do it again ) anything to boost that word count. Not where you write the words or how you write the words or what “research” appears in your history on the bus, cafes or weird public places. For me its a combination of Circus terms, creepy circus music ( because regular circus music is too annoying after 15 hours strait ) herbs and their healing or poisoning powers, the good and evils of witch craft herbs for my villain who spontaneously gets inspired to kill some people.

good bitch or bad bitch

(Go figure.) The list goes on.

What really needs to happen is plot and filler. I’d really like to make it to 30,000 in the next 2 days but I doubt that will happen because of this paper and my overwhelming desire to sleep. But I’m sure that my characters and my plot will come through in their own funny little ways like they always do. As I said in a post earlier, I think it was the 1st or 2nd of the month, that this idea sprung up on me and I was not going to even do NANOWRIMO this year. But I liked this idea too much to let it slide.

Good luck to all you other NaNos! Don’t let anything get you down! Stay inspired! It’s only day 10!
“Novels aren’t written by muses who come down through the ceiling and shoot magic through your fingers and out onto your laptop’s keyboard… They’re written with one simple equation:
Time + Work = Novel.”
— Stephanie Perkins.

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Eye of the Tiger

*Bum. Bum bum bum! Bum bum bum! DUN DUN DUNNNN!*
OK so I heard this song yesterday on Pandora while getting back into my work out regime and thought it would be a perfect theme to this post.
It is Day 10 now of NaNoWriMo and to my shock some people are already finished with their novels! And have won! Personally I have never won NaNoWriMo. 2013 was my closest with “Masters of Imagination” but I gave up on it when I realized there was a movie with a similar plot. Ugh.


But 6,000 more words and I will have passed that goal in just 10 to 11 days. Yes. I made it to 25,000 words yesterday! (The half way mark) and it was rough. I missed taking advantage this past Sunday and only wrote about 830 words. But yesterday I pumped out 3,000 getting the count up there to 25 thou.


So these next few days will prove whether I am worthy of being one of the greats. Mwahhahahahaa! (at least in my own mind) There is still so much to say and so much time jumping and a little bit of country jumping that needs to get hashed out. But other than that my characters have purpose they have guilt, anger and devotion, most of them anyhow, and are pretty well developed.
I am also one of those writers who knows they want a story sandwich but have NO IDEA what they can put inside their sandwich. Basically what that means is that I have written both the beginning and the end of my book, with cool inspirational wording and phrases to drag you in but the middle is choppy.
Regardless of where I am it’s about the word count until December which is editior December.
Turning off the editor is difficult but it CAN BE DONE. Just don’t show anyone your work unless they won’t judge you for your editing mistakes.

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I want to add a secondary NaNoWriMo widget but it wont let me… help?

<img src=”; />

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Let’s Talk About NaNoWriMo – Slideshow Included!

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Does anyone like circuses? Because that’s kind of what this dumb ass book I’m writing is about. ( it’s actually the ENTIRE SETTING PREMISE AND THEME…but whatever)

I know I have a high word count, higher than it needs to be. which is good, I’m ahead of the game. That will really come in hand when I accidentally miss a day or something. (But why does my birthday have to be this month? We should just skip that shit. Unfortunately, there is a collection of people who know when my birthday is. Which is a total bust.)

All of the excuses I could list would be enough to help me win NaNoWriMo this year. I didn’t even write the first day, convincing myself that I shouldn’t do it this year. And yet, here I am… day 7. But here is the goal of the community if you still do not know ; Anyone that makes it to 50,000 words before the end of the month can be a winner, which makes it a more realistic goal and not too intense of a competition. That being said, it is still an anxiety ridden and stressful process. But at the same time it horribly wonderful! I have not been updating as often as usual because of this event. I have been typing away and making tiny update posts as I go, instead of big wonderful thought provoking ones.

My NaNoWriMo can be found here: Thorn Angel Books Now, if you want a reason for the user name, that’s another good story that I’m saving for my memoir. Another thing, the reason my posts have been so short is BECAUSE of NaNoWriMo and exams. I actually should be writing right now, I haven’t written a single word yet today and it’s 2pm! And I have been trying to do research of the time period setting and what not. I have even gone to my favorite book, also about circuses, of course, and desperatley tried to spark some motivation. But alas. THEN out of the corner of my eye, this happened earlier today, I noticed that Erin Morgenstern’s story takes place in the mid- 1800’s, while mine takes place in the 1950’s, and her dialogue is MUCH MORE MODERN THAN MINE! WHAT?!

uhhh - Copy

And my story has a TON of book references in it. So, I was looking at books published before a certain date, to make sure I didn’t add one that was written after my characters were supposedly old or dead, and saw that while my story takes place in 1957, DISNEY’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND HAD COME OUT IN THEATRES! And that just was a huge knock on the head as well. When you realize that your favorite movie had already been put in theaters during the course of your novel so its perfectly probable for your characters to have seen it…My characters aren’t as old as I thought they were…. Like… Jeez. This is some psycho weirdness. I always think of Disney being like,only associated with a younger time but like, my story takes place in 1957. And Snow White came out in the 30’s. Lord.

So maybe, since I’m way ahead of the suggested word count, I can work on doing a book outline, since my “supposed villain” recently slapped me right in the face during a speed write I had the other day. Just, out of nowhere, BAM, Villain.


And I was like, wait, YOU? YOU”RE THE VILLAIN? But you are supposed to be a minor character you sloppy boring thing!!!! Ugh whatever, I’ll let it slide til I get an editor. Another SURPRISE I was not prepared for at all was that my secondary character, who I planned to be the sidekick type is now more developed than my “main” character. Taking the field like a dominant psycho she is. But… what? Especially when my character is asexual but she really loves her best friend and this guy who likes her is a total moron. How can I make her more asexual without spelling it out? The answer is so far unclear.

These characters are taking on personalities of their own.

The only one going as planned is the fortune teller, and she is based on a combination of two people’s personalities that I know. So, what is even happening? No one knows. As of right now I’m also not supposed to do any editing, that’s for editors to do. Not writers. UGH. But I will find times where I will be writing something and out of the blue my brain tells my hands to just go with it and my heart is like wait, no, stop, what are you doing? This will create massive plot holes and confusing! People will hate this! And then my brain, thinking it is clever in it’s panicked ticking 30 day time bomb state will reply, “It may be confusing right now you tender muscle, but what we are going for is…”

unacceptable - Copy

I’ll get to that here pretty soon. In the meantime, here is an accurate song that one devoted writer created for the occasion. She has participated since 2006, and all of her novels have surpassed 50,000 words! Amazing. I haven’t won yet because I’m a terrible procrastinator, but this girl really has her stuff together.

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Writing Garbage

Writer’s Block Instant Cure

This video is pretty brilliant. Telling you how to turn down your writer’s block until you need it. Which is brilliant.

It basically says that you are allowed to give yourself permission to write garbage until you absolutely have to edit it later. Don’t even think about editing it until you are completely done writing. For example, right now, I am not even checking to see if I am typing coherent words onto this page; I am just type type typing away and I will edit it before I publish it onto my page.

type type type - Copy

It is amazing how much faster you can go if you just allow yourself to write, with no bullshit editing. It’s actually pretty damn wonderful. I just misspelled wonderful, I can tell because I miss a letter, and I don’t even care because I am going to fix it later.

Another great speech on writing without bullshit is from Finding Forrester. How To Write William teaches Jamal that the key to writing the first draft is not to think, but to let the words pour out of you. It’s an editor’s job to scratch out your incorrect grammar and fragmented sentences. Its your job to spill out your guts onto the page. GO WRITE

I’m going to see how this works while writing tonight. The goal is between 15,000 and 20,000. Wish me luck!!!

UPDATE: I did not make it to 15,000. More like 14,019. Close enough.

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