I Love Reading.

(This page is dedicated to help archive my posts about Reading)

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Reading is one of the greatest pleasures I have experienced in this world. When you read you can jump into a world where you can become one of the characters. Join them on fantastic journeys and maybe even start to feel like you belong in that world. They can transport you there so easily.

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.

–Author Unknown

Reading is a great and soothing experience. This is because there are so many books out there; meaning there is something for everyone. Even the people who say they don’t like reading might have a change of mind if they were given a book  that a friend of theirs knows they’ll like. There’s always something to read.

Places I like to spend my free time in include libraries. The calm and serenity of books is something I enjoy greatly.


You Need To Read

Old People With Awesome Libraries

Ghost Books

Enthrallment Rants:

1. The Night Circus

2. Hasting’s

 – Hasting’s Adventures

3. Maximum Ride


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