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“If you have something to say, Write it. If you have something worth saying, Write it. If you have something that needs to be said, Write it.”

(This page is dedicated to help archive my posts about Writing)

Writing has been described as bleeding onto a blank page. It is vulnerable, it is heavy, it is breath-taking. For most people, writing is useful for shorthand note taking while your boss is blabbing or your teacher is going over their lecture. For others, the ability to write is more than just a useful skill.

“You should write from life. From the depths of your soul.” – Fredrick, “Little Women”

For me writing is like escaping into another world. Where the rules are different and nothing holds you back or provides fear to you. And in such a place where you can do whatever you like, there is an excitement, a gift you find there. You can transform that world and craft it into whatever you want.

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